Friday, April 5, 2013

In the Market for an RV

In the Market for a new or new to you RV...especially the New-to-You part?
Just drive your toad down to Florida packed with all your traveling
paraphenalia. Then get on route 27 in Lake Mary Area and head south
stopping along the way at every RV dealer you see. If you want a particular
make/model/year...well good luck with that. However, if you are open to
exploring, I feel certain you can find something that will meet your needs.
I can tell you that during our travels on route 27 we saw MANY places
selling RV's of all shapes and sizes. Good luck and happy, safe travelling

Over the five years we have been coming to Florida we have zig zagged
across Florida on its lesser used roads. Sometimes Tina (our GPS...female
voice so not TOM TOM but Tina) has taken on some roads that NEVER see
rv's travelling on them..but that is another story. We don't fully trust
her anymore.

We were in Long Key a few days ago and got a call to come do a show in
Gainesville, Santa Fe Spring Arts Festival. So in two hours time were
packed up, dumped and on our way...a rush job for sure as we were not
expecting it but we had time to take our leisurly time. So we opted to
go from the Keys via Krom Ave/997...your first left as soon as you emerge
from the Keys. And by the way get gas at the Raceway right at that
junction and Walmart is just a hop, skip and jump up route 1.
We know you are realling from paying Winn Dixie or Publix food prices.

So here was our route: route 997 to route 27 up to Paynes Prairie. Now
had been on most of it but not the part from Florida Turnpike
around Clermont) to Macintosh. There aren't any services to speak of on
the lower part of route 27 shortly after you get on it. It is a nice ride
...sometimes there are trucks but they are everywhere. The part from
Florida Turnpike/Clermont to Mactinosh was a way too much stop and go
with traffic lights and higher population so next time I would
hop on Florida Turnpike$$$ at Clermont.

Florida's southern interior is home to the many field workers that do the
production work for the things that are grown there...Sugar cane, veggies.
It is the place for larger cattle ranches, horse farms. So sometime
when you have time get off the major routes of 75 and 95 and take a look
at the rest of Florida.


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