Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 35: Trona Pinnacles, CA

Day 35:
October 31, 2015:  Trona Pinnacles and just relaxing
A few pinnacles...
Biking all around Trona Pinnacles today and just relaxing.   My new bike tires are designed for road travel and not for sandy gravel.  I almost wiped out about 5 times.  It was 81 degrees today and that was a nice change from the cold up near Bridgeport/Mammoth areas…still cool enough for sleeping at night.  I promised David we would stay here for two nights so that it is. We saw and heard a few vehicles today (a few cars, atv’s, etc) but they are gone now so it is quiet.  They kept their distance and it wasn’t bad when they were here.  The distant factory has stopped production so no there is no periodic thud noises (which were just a sound in the distance).  HOT in the sun.
Biking at Trona
By the end of the day, people came and went to visit the Pinnacles and roughly maybe 3 or 4 people came to spend the night (no rv’s).  The last car that came in at dusk was the problem.  Out of the miles of places he could have selected to camp for the night, he chose to park about 200 yards from us.  He had a jeep and could have gone WAY in back and had the place to himself.  David was unhappy. 

 He was on his cell phone so we could hear him very well (nice touch #2).  Then, while we were trying to watch the sun slowly set his headlights kept going on and guess where they were pointed (yup right at us and couldn’t have been better aimed). We went inside to play cards

Our boon docking spot at Trona

The End

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