Thursday, July 4, 2013

Must have AP for Iphone or Ipad and about Ipads

David surprised me (kind of) with an Ipad for my birthday.  He is the techno-guy so I am thinking it was more for him.  As it turns out we both have embraced it.  He just may become and Apple guy yet!  The "kind of" surprise was that I was checking our bank balances online and found this charge.  I mentioned it to David wondering if our account had been compromised.  He confessed that it was a "surprise" birthday present that would be waiting for me at home.

He purchased our reconditioned Ipad from Gamestop.   Daughter had gotten one to help take some of the pressure of use off her MacBook.   Three hundred dollars and change got us the unit.  We love the map feature for when we are travelling and it is performing just fine considering it was reconditioned.

As we are now researching our Wild West 2013 trip, we discovered that Allstays has an AP for that...for all things rving.  For $9.99 we purchased the "Camp and Rv"
application.  Now everything in the world is not on this ap but it is pleasantly comprehensive in what it offers: propane listings, campgrounds, overnight parking, koa's, national parks, public lands, walmarts with parking/without, low clearance areas, rv services, rv dumps, rest areas eastbound/westbound/northbound/southbound, road grades, runaway ramps (!!!!), camping world, cracker barrel (for those that will go there), truck stops, flying j, TA truck stops.  It will save me countless hours in preplanning some things.  I like lots of spontaneity but that is not always possible.

What more can we ask for...well worth the $9.99 we paid for it.  I am so happy to have found this little gem.


  1. I keep seeing recommendations for this and I really just need to buckup and BUY IT!