Friday, July 19, 2013

Another mod and accessory

David is over 6 feet tall and thus the queen corner bed is ONLY okay if he sleeps horizontally and that leaves me with practically no space.  We have corner beds in both trailer and class c.  However, with the class c, I assigned him the cab over bed.  At 5' wide x 8' long it was plenty long enough for him.  Our unit did not come with any kind of step to get up there so even with his long legs, he had to do gymnastics to get up there.  He wanted a step of some kind.  The other problem was that the dinette that below had a backrest on that side that wasn't supported that Mr. Fix it rigged up an oak support with a little step on top.  So that is today's mod!

He added the oak backboard and little step.
Now he has something stable and long lasting to step on.

The other issue we needed to fix was that when we drive things like to shift around in the refrigerator.
The fix is spring bars to hold everything in its place...don't need a carton of milk flying out.  This must have little accessory is very adjustable so they will fit most all rv refrigerators.  A friend told us about them when we got our trailer; she had a bottle of milk fall out in her motorhome while travelling...not pretty.

Every rv needs spring bars!


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