Sunday, October 4, 2020

Sun, Oct 4 – Day 24: Hovenweep to Valley of the Gods, UT

Move Day…from Hovenweep National Monument to Valley of the Gods. It took us a bit to find a spot. In the end we took a Jeep run to find a better-than-the-first spot place. Someone had left a camp spot so we swooped in. Only to discover ITS HOT here. We are here about 3 – 4 weeks earlier than we would normally be here. A decision has been made to head to a higher elevation in UTAH and more northerly to possibly get some cooler weather. Like weather that you want to be outside for more than 10 minutes. Could never do summer here…never. I would live in a chair in the shade waiting for sunset.

Meanwhile, today we decided to take a ride up Moki Dugway (have done it before) route 261 and scope out possible overnight camping opportunities at the top of the road. Another time we will camp there. The fires in California (etc) have made visibility not very good and there are views down to Monument Valley and Goosenecks State Park. We did see one class c about our size (nope!) making their way down the dugway along with two travel trailers that were about 24 feet long. All made it but we are NOT doing it with our C as per me. David would probably do it if I said yes… Signs that you cannot miss saying nothing more than 10,000lbs, no rv’s, towed things, etc. It is a long way around.

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